Seeking (aspects of the) truth about Politics
Sources for contemporary events are located elsewhere; this page is for reflections about our political life together.
didion Political Fictions
Joan Didion
Vintage Books, 2001, 338 pages

First, it's just nice to read someone who can write: who can rebut without ranting, who can disassemble the pretense artfully and by seeming to do nothing but simply quote the absurdity. She is one of our greatest contemporary writers.

And she does go after stuffed shirts as various as Newt Gingrich and Bob Woodward. On the latter she writes:
" Washington, as rendered by Mr. Woodward, is by definition basically solid, a diorama of decent intentions in which wise if misunderstood and occasionally misled stewards will reliably prevail." (p. 213) She unearths Bork's amazing rejection of the Declaration of Independence's "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and takes apart how the conservatives claim to be speaking for the masses, but also utterly reject what the masses actually are telling them.


Big Lies
Joe Conason
Thomas Dunne Books, 2003, 234 pages.

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