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Finding Out about Saudi Arabia
Oil, Islamic radicalism, discontent with the government, the relationship with the United States, the relationship with Iran.... Saudi Arabia is an interesting and key country in the Middle East. (Note: these sources focus on Saudi Arabia, many sources for the Middle East generally cover this country as well.)
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Bruce Riedel and Bilal Y. Saab, Al Qaeda's Third Front: Saudi Arabia, The Washington Quarterly, Spring 2008. (Up 4/8/08)
Anthony H. Cordesman, Nawaf Obaid, Saudi Internal Security: A Risk Assessment, Center for Strategic and International Studies, May 2004. The authors go over the range of issues that could lead to stability or more chaos. (Posted 8/28/04)

Michael Scott Doran, The Saudi Paradox, Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2004 (Up 5/31/04)

Testing the Saudi "Will to Power": Challenges Confronting Prince Abdallah" Joseph A. Kechichian, Middle East Policy Winter 2003 (Up 4/24/04)


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