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Finding Out about Iran

After focusing on Iran in the 1999-02 period, I've let this slide. Still is a remarkable, fascinating country that I hope to learn more about.

Iran Daily English language daily paper. Offers PDF files of its actual pages. Run by the government, supportive of President Khatami, that is a moderate reform view. (Up 2/19/03, posted before 5/20/00)
Tehran Times Daily newspaper in English. Reflects the conservative but not extreme hardline perspective. (Up 2/19/03, posted before 5/20/00)
Iran Press Service Paris-based agency. Strongly reformist. (Up 2/19/03, posted before 5/20/00)
Iran OnLine Their newsroom (home page has general info as well). Sources include Real Audio feeds of TV news (in English). (Up 4/02/02, posted before 5/20/00)
Ettela'at International Persian Newspaper. Has one English language page a day. Focuses on economic aspects of Iran. (Up 4/02/02, posted before 5/20/00)
Iran Weekly Press Digest News. Has archives. Full edition requires subscription. (Up 5/20/01, posted before 5/20/00)
Iran News (Up 5/20/01, posted before 5/20/00)
Islamic Republic News Agency Official Government press agency. (Up 7/11/02, posted before 5/20/00)
Iran Press Analysis Weekly review of Iran's press from a consulting company. Full edition is expensive. (Up 5/20/01, posted before 5/20/00)
DNI Daily news brief from Iran Daneshjoo Organization, a student group. Reformist. Reprints stories from many sources. (Gone 4/02/02, was up 5/1/01, posted before 5/20/00)
RFE Iran Report Weekly analysis from Radio Free Europe. Always ready to have a pessimistic view of what is going on. (Up 4/2/02, posted before 5/20/00)
Deterring a Nuclear Iran, Jason Zaborski, Washington Quarterly, Summer 2005, p. 153-69. Useful set of ideas on how to approach a post-reformist Iran. (Up 11/24/05)
Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran, Henry Sokolski, Patrick Clawson, eds., Strategic Studies Institute, Oct. 2005 (Up 1/30/06)
Neo-Conservatives, Hardline Clerics and the Bomb, Kaveh Ehsani & Chris Toensing, Middle East Report, Winter 2004, p. 10 Survey of Iranian nuclear history.
More analysis
My Analysis

U.S. policy toward Iran: why it isn't productive (Jan. 1999 analysis).

My writing on Iran appeared in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Terror State?: Evaluation of claims of terror involvement by the Iranian government.


Significant People

Media Political orientation of various journals.

Political Parties, and related groupings.

Political Organizations

Political analysis
Iran Human Rights Quarterly coverage of human rights issues from Iranian Human Rights Working Group. (Up 4/02/02; posted 5/20/00)
NetIran News, who's who in Iran, laws, government structure, etc. Much useful background info. (Up 4/02/02; posted 5/20/00)
Iran Bulletin Quarterly. In-depth political, social, religious and historical analysis. (Up 5/20/00)
Center for Iranian Research and Analysis. Publishes a journal. (Up 4/2/02; posted 6/1/00)
Independent Iran Observer News, links to other news sources. Also background info on officials, culture, etc. (Up 12/5/99)
Iranians for International Cooperation Political Organization that publishes a monthly newsletter, Iran Analysis, with perspecitves on Iran. (Up 5/20/00)
PEN on Iran Information on freedom and human rights in Iran. Not updated since 1998. (Up 5/20/00)
Iran Weekly Not recently updated. (Up 12/5/99)
Iranian Journal of International Affairs Not recently updated. (Up 12/5/99)
Iran Virtual Library General info. (Up 12/5/99)
UN on Human Rights UN Documents on the Human Rights situation in Iran. (Up 2/13/00)
Zan News about women in Iran. (Up 5/8/00)
Center for Arab and Iranian Studies Publishes Iran Briefing which might in the future have some on-line articles. (Up 5/20/00)
Culture & history
Persia Net Promoting the cultural heritage of Iran. (Up 6/1/00)
Gallery Gallery of Iranian Art, Standford University. Art, pictures of Iran, Persian carpets. (Up 6/1/00)
Cyber Iran Also has news, books for sale. (Up 1/9/00)
IranBooks Sells English and Persian books on Iran. (Up 5/20/00)
Persia.org Iranian Cultural Information Center: culture, photos, history. (Up 1/9/00)
Background & reference
Country Study

U. S. Government Publication, but excellent. Covers history, geography, economy, national security. (Up 12/5/99)

Constitution Text of 1979 Constitution (Up 6/1/00)
Iranian Railways

Unofficial homepage. Timetables. (Up 2/20/00)

Collections of breaking stories
IranMainia Their headline links. (Up7/11/02, posted before 5/20/00)
Payvand Collects direct links to stories about Iran from many sources. (Up 7/11/02, posted before6/01/00)
Yahoo Iran News Yahoo's Iran news page. (Up 5/20/01, posted before 2/20/00)
Our Iran News sources and links. (Up 5/20/01, posted before 3/11/00)
Iran Navigate News sources, also sports. (Up 5/20/01, posted before 3/11/00)
Link collections
IranMainia Search engine with Iranian focus. (Up 9/20/01; posted 5/20/00)
Iran Online Link collection. (Up 2/20/00)
Yahoo Iran Country page. (Up 7/11/02; posted 2/20/00)
CyberIran Their link collection. (Up 12/5/99)
Payvand Their link collection. (Up 2/20/00)
Columbia Area Studies, Columbia University. (Up 5/20/00)
U. of Texas Center for Middle East Studies, U. of Texas. (Up 12/5/99)

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