Sources on Human Rights
Amnesty International See their country reports for the state of human rights. (Up 12/12/04; posted 7/8/00)
Human Rights Watch Extensive reporting on human rights abuses. Has been attacked for going soft on Israel, but there is plenty of documentation of abuses by the Israelis on this site. Also condemns suicide bombings, as they should. (Up 12/12/04; posted 7/8/00)
Center for Victims of Torture They provide services and assistance to enable those who have been tortured to recover. A charity worth supporting. (Up 12/12/04; posted 7/27/03)
Index on Censorship
Both an interesting magazine and a web site. Country by country reporting on censorship in all its forms. They sometimes fail to draw a distinction between being put in jail and loosing a government grant, so this isn't the place to look for new thinking on the irony of expecting people to support things they find offensive. (Up 12/12/04; posted 1/26/00)
Digital Freedom Network Extensive reporting of human rights related issues. Nice archive. (Up 12/12/04; posted 12/11/99)
IFEX International Freedom of Expression Exchange. Umbrella organization made up of many national organizations that monitor restrictions on free speech. Many "Alerts" about breaking stories. (Up 3/28/03; posted 12/11/99)
Reporters Sans Frontieres Monitors human rights violations against a free press and reporters. (Up 12/12/04; posted 2/28/00)
Country Reports U. S. State Department annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Often distorted by politics (in the 80's El Salvador's government controlled death squads never appeared, for example) but also a source of much detail. (Up 6/10/04; posted 3/28/03)
Human Rights Brief American University's Washington College of Law. Legal resources for the human rights community. (Up 6/10/04)
Statewatch Reports on issues of civil liberties in the European Union. (Up 6/10/04; posted 7/8/00)
Global Internet Library Campaign Issues of access to information; more of a civil liberties focus than a traditional human rights focus. (Up 3/28/03; posted 7/8/00)
National Democratic Institute for International affairs Reporting of election observers from various elections. (Up 1/26/00)
"Close to Home" Close to Home: Case Studies of Human Rights Wrok in the United States." The Ford Foundation, 2004, 108 pages. Case studies of advocacy groups in the US that litigate, advocate and educate. (Up 12/12/04).
Human Rights Network Network of various groups. (Up 12/12/04)
"Something so Strong" Something Inside So Strong: A Resource Guide on Human Rights in the United States." U.S. Human Rights Network, 2003, 80 pages. (Up 12/12/04)

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