cronkite Walter Cronkite
The last of the real journalists. He was what we needed in a reporter ... [ more ]
Albert Einstein
It is his powers of concentration I find I most admire. There were many distractions in his life ... [more]
Abraham Lincoln
After reading Nevin's history of the Civil War era, I have become even more impressed, if that was possible, with the leadership of Abraham Lincoln... [ more ]

Jim McKay
The genial voice of sports ... [ more ]

Raymond Brown
Brilliant scholar

Nelson Mandela
What a leader should be

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Everyone is busy putting him down these days, but ... [under construction ]
Wilber and Orville Wright
To be sure these two are far stranger than generally thought.... [ more ]
The Apollo Space Program The farther away we get from this, the more impressive it seems, and 500 years from now... [ more ]
SR-71 Like an artifact from some superior alien civilization, the SR-71 seems to lack a context ... [ more ]
blue The Blue Band
A "bar band" from Iowa - and one of the best live musical acts I've ever seen. (And friends of mine)

Philip Nordin

Norma Nordin

Of course I do not intend to suggest that my parents rank in impact on society with these others. But they lived their lives well. Permit a son to honor his parents.

Willis Conover
The most famous American that no American has ever heard of.

American Heroes
The term 'hero' is tossed around wildly today. Some only want to apply it to soldiers in Iraq. Here are some who deserve the title.

Note: this list is simply in no particular order, no ranking is implied of significance, moral quality or anything else.

Of course this list is woefully incomplete, I hope to expand it greatly over time.

I include the famous and the totally unknown. It's about doing well, about living with integrity and fulfilling your vocation in life -- not being significant.


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