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My inspiration for this topic came from Rocky and Bullwinkel when I was a child. Man in a trench coat walks up to Rocky and says, "I'm from Military Intelligence, mean anything to you?" Rocky says: "Sounds like a contradiction in terms."

Common courtesy

Smart ass

current history

moral majority

pretty ugly

exact estimate

lite beer

Coach class

near miss

Student government

Executive kitchenette (on a hotel ad)

amicable divorce

advanced BASIC

Microsoft Works

liquid gas

lost discoveries

job security

crash landing

tight slacks

rolling stop

West Sunrise Lane (a street sign)

Jumbo shrimp

Franco-American Spaghetti

Gourmet tortilla (on a package)

gourmet pizza

Conservative analysis

private exhibits

permanent loan

Rapid City, South Dakota

Port of Montana

Garden spot of Iowa

Alabama think tank.

Sly Stallone

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