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The Eye of the Needle. Located in the cemetery of St. Andrew's. Death is the eye of the needle that all must fly through.

Reduced to its essentials, the message from the monastery is this: only by standing aside from the world can one make sense of it; only by standing outside oneself can one make sense of one's own life; and only by attending carefully to other people can one become one's true self. And that, in the end, is what silence is for. -- Christian Tyler, "The world is their cloister", Financial Times, July 28, 2007, p. 6

Many monasteries run guest houses and welcome men and women to stay for a short period. You can come on "private retreat" by yourself, or be part of a workshop. Call or email the particular monastery for details.

Monasteries differ in how much interaction you can have with the monks and in how much you participate at worship. Most would have worship several times a day.

Be wary of thinking about activities while you are there. Part of the point of a retreat is to stop activity, to dwell in silence and listen to God.

St. Andrew's Abbey in Valerymo, California in the high desert north of Los Angeles is a special place to me through several visits. Located on 800 acres, it provide ample space for walks out into both the physical and spiritual desert. [ more ]

The Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico has quite a web site - especially for a place without electricity. (Up 7/28/07; posted 7/13/99)

The Monastery of St. John on Patmos in Greece is a place I've also been; please see the photo tour of it I've developed.

The Order of St. Benedict has monasteries all over the world. (Up 7/28/07; posted 7/13/99)
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