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Who do you know that seems to be enlightened, spiritually?

Choose carefully. In the process of choosing, reflect on what defines enlightenment. Is it just wisdom? But many learned people are insensitive. Is it caring? But many nice people have very foolish opinions. Look, at the minimum, for a person who has their "head in the heart." Look for someone whose life is consistent: thought, word, action in alignment.

What is your path of spiritual development?

Are you one who discerns wisdom? Are you one who comes alive in service to others? (Not that wisdom is of no value to others, or that service has no thought, but you know what is commonly meant.) It would seem safe to say that God's plan for you is to identify your true gifts and use them in their best use.

What blocks you from using your gifts?

Everyone has some besetting sin that they struggle against. In one it might be drink, in another a temper, in another cowardice. (And all of those are likely to be equally biological in origin.)

Evenness of mind is yoga. -- The Bhagavad Gita

dispassion (apatheia) - concept of Christian monasticism

The highest emotion a human can experience is serenity. -- Greek philosophy

In what way is your gift a temptation or trap?
In what way is your weakness a source of grace and power?

Consider these two questions together. One's gift is usually capable of being misused in some tremendous way. One's weakness may be the place of God's great presence.

Do these things and...

And, who knows. But if not a complete list of things to consider, these have seemed essential minimums.

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