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Jesus on icons

None of the icons shown in this section are expensive works of art. All were purchased for a few dollars on street corners or in stores in Greece. I don't think I paid more than $10 for any of them. There are both cheaper and more expensive classes of icons available.

This is an icon of Jesus Christ. Note that his halo has the cross in it. No other figure's halo does, this is exclusive to Jesus. He is wearing red under a blue garment. Red, a color of divinity, and blue a color of humanity, shows that he is God, but clothed in human form.

holy family

The Holy Family

Jesus is often portrayed as a child on icons. Note the halo with the cross in it here. Typically, he is shown with Mary. Less typical is to show Mary and Joseph together with Jesus.

face of jesus

The image of Jesus on icons strikes non-Orthodox as rather severe, unfriendly. In part this is because of our current trend to see Jesus as our "buddy" rather than as Lord of the Universe or in some other "high" fashion.

But the image is not intended to be seen as hard or unfriendly. Just majestic and worthy of awe.


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