Commentaries on the Song of Songs

Othmar Keel
The Song of Songs
A Continental Commentary
Fortress Press, 1994, 290 pages

Keel's contribution is an extensive analysis of love poetry in related cultures as well as an examination of many drawings, carvings, and so on. The book reproduces over a 100 line drawings of these images and it serves to provide background and perspective on various images in the Song of Songs.

He pays considerable attention to trying to reconstruct the way that various metaphores are used, thus we find images like "Your neck is like the tower of David" jarring because we use comparisons for shape and size. But Hebrew uses comparisons for function, so "to speak with the neck" is to speak with pride.

  Richard Hess
Song of Songs
  Roland E. Murphy
The Song of Songs
Fortress Press, 1990
  Marvin Pope
Song of Songs
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