Commentaries on Romans

Paul's Letter to the Romans
John Ziesler
TPI New Testament Commentaries
SCM Press, 1989, 370 pages.

This is a well written commentary that is in touch with the literature, but not overwhelmed by it. Gets to the issues.

Gerald Bray, ed.
Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
Intervarsity Press, 1998, 400 pages

What an amazing concept: admit that something of value was said about the Bible prior to the 19th century in Germany. This book has collected brief passages by various patristic authors, organized by chapter and verse of Romans.

Commentary on Romans
Philip Melanchthon, Trans. Fred Kramer
Concordia Publishing House
1540, modern ed. 1992, 296 pages

Martin Luther's right hand man, Philip Melanchthon is sometimes presented as little more than the traditional side-kick. However, he has something to say that is worth listening to. One key Reformation issue is the nature of interpretation of the Bible. Luther and the reformers rejected the medieval style of exegesis. In this commentary on Romans, animated by an early form of rhetorical criticism, Melanchthon puts into practice the "new" style of reading the Bible.

Others to consider (for future reference)

Barrett, Dunn, Fitzmyer, Harrisville, Moo, Nygren.
Barth, Cranfield and Kasemann

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