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Acts 2:42-47: Life inside the Church
Christians will relate to each other differently than people outside the community.

Some things to notice about these verses:

The six things the believers did. Luke explains that the early community "spent their time learning from the apostles" (study), they were "like family" (had a special community or fellowship), "broke bread" (worship, including Holy Communion) and "prayed together." Luke also characterizes their life together as being one of "awe" (reverence) and of doing "signs and wonders."

Whether the disciples actually had a common warehouse of possessions, or were just unusually free about sharing and giving is debated. Certainly, the community was different from the surrounding society because it did not let any of its members go without. People in the community were not possessive or driven to acquire material wealth.

Signs and wonders also described how Peter described what Jesus did (verse 22). Those signs and wonders testified that the other things Jesus did (what he said, his death and resurrection) were from God. Likewise, the signs and wonders of the early community will help others believe that what these people say is true.

Letting us know what is ahead. In a way, these verses anticipate the next few chapters of Acts. We’ll read of more miracles and the sharing of possessions. However, not all will be wonderful. Controversy will erupt in the community. Not everyone will do the six things Luke describes the majority doing. Whatever the Spirit provides to keep the community together, it did not remove sin and greed from everyone.

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