An outline for Matthew
  Notice the set of five pairs of Narrative and Discourse. Is the number 5 significant? If you think Matthew is particularly Jewish, then perhaps the five examples of Jesus teaching is a new torah, a new law to extend the five books of the Jewish torah.
The Coming of Jesus (chapters 1-2)
  s Genealogy (Four interesting gentile women; Jesus the son of King David through Joseph)
  s Birth stories (Joseph and Herod; dreams; fulfillment of prophecy)
The Ministry of Jesus
  1. Narrative: Baptism, temptation, call (chap. 3, 4)
    Discourse: Sermon on the Mount (chap. 5, 6, 7)
  2. Narrative: Healing and Forgiveness (chap. 8, 9)
    Discourse: Sending of the Disciples (chap. 10)
  3. Narrative: doubts about Jesus (chap. 11, 12)
John, Chorazin, healing on Sabbath, request for sign
    Discourse: parables (chap. 13)
  4. Narrative (chap. 14-17)
death of JB, feedings, transfiguration, the church
    Discourse: Regulations for the common life (chap. 18)
  5. Narrative: conflict (19:1-24:2)
leaving Galilee to Judea; to Jerusalem
23: Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees
    Discourse: the end of the age (24:3-25:46)
sitting on the Mt.. of Olives
doing kindness rather than speculating
Passion and Resurrection (chap. 26-28)
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