Commentaries on Judges

Judges, Ruth
(New American Commentary)
Daniel I. Block
Broadman & Holman; 1999
750 pages; maps; illustrations; index; bibliography

For those looking for the big, classic commentary, this should be high on your list. The author comes from a conservative direction, but is fully in touch with modern historical and literary studies. He takes seriously the horrors of the book (especially those inflicted on women) and places those as part of the decline of Israel into total unfaithfulness to what God commands.


J. Clinton McCann
John Knox Press, 2002
146 pages; bibliography

Normally, I have little use for the Interpretation series which aims at conciseness and achieves basicness; but this is an exception Here, the author has condensed admirably but kept insight. His brief introduction situates the book amid the controversies it has generated but also explains how it can be read profitably.


David Gunn

This series focuses on history of interpretation.


(Berit Olam)
Tammi Schneider

Typically too short, but has some value..

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