A Biblical Justification for Accepting Homosexuality in the Church
© 2003, John P. Nordin

10.  The church's proclamation to the world

The church should make the same sort of proclamation to the world on this issue as it does on all others.  It calls for the renunciation of self-justification, and self-justification at the expense of the neighbor.  It rejects categorizing people into groups either "gay" or "homophobic."  It calls attention to the crushing of the individual and calls attention to the individuals attempt to be a god.  The church insists on its own vision of life in this world, where self is not the idol, where “what’s right for me” is not a universal good and where sex is not the solution to all problems.

The church will examine the structures of worldly sin that press on the homosexual.  It will want to study how corporations, nations, unions, and all other groups seek to lead the homosexual person into relying on other saviors than God.  The church will hold the memory of those who have demonstrated obedience in their lives.

In changing its view of homosexuality, the church will not be surrendering to a conformity to the world. “Constancy requires a particular kind of change.” [1]   In order to resist the real sins of this world the church needs to change its position on homosexuality so that it can remain authentically Christian.  This change will be resisted by the world as fiercely as it resists all authentic Christian proclamation, because by changing, the church will open a proclamation to another group of people to resist the claims of lordship that the world wants to impose.  The church will begin a searching proclamation that will expose the sin within the homosexual community.  At least, this is what can be hoped for, the fumbling response of the church to the sin within the heterosexual community must always temper our hopes for the future.

In changing its position and accepting homosexuality, the church will not conform to the sin of the world, but rather, it will, I believe, be conforming to Christ and to what the Bible demands of us.

[1] Hauerwas, Resident Aliens, p. 64.