Words about Genesis

The biblical story of the primeval events hands down what has been said about the beginnings of the world and of humanity in an unbroken line from antiquity to modern times.  It is in this above all that its significance lies.
- Claus Westermann, Genesis 1-11: a Commentary, p. 1

The narrative of Gen 2-3 will always retain its meaning for humankind. Something basic is said about humanity which no religious or ideological, no scientific, technical or medical development or change can or will in any way alter. It is part of human existence that a person is fallible. One cannot be a human being other than a fallible human being.
- Claus Westermann, Genesis 1-11: A Commentary, p. 277

Creation is the most mysterious of all God's acts.
- Kenneth Clark, Civilisation, p. 238

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